ACOS Content Server

Please note that this server is mainly running for demonstration purposes. If you want to use the contents, we warmly suggest to set up your own content server as we don't guarantee any support for this server although we try to keep it up and running.

Description of the project

This is a joint project with PAWS Lab at the University of Pittsburgh and Learning + Technology research group at Aalto University aiming at producing smart learning content on Python programming.

The main activities are interactive Python program execution visualizations and Parson's problems. This site contains all the content that has been developed and is currently available. The project is funded by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative.

The project is led by Professor Peter Brusilovsky.

In Aalto University, the following people are working with the project:

Acos server and contents are open source, check out our Git repositories.

Installed tools

Installed protocols

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Installed content packages


A demonstration for annotated examples.

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Exercise package for loading external (URL or JSON) exercise descriptions of Parson's problems.

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Exercise package for loading external JSVEE animations.

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